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Costume Party of the Year! Well known socialite Mrs. Lott has outdone herself this time by renting the entire island of Alcatraz for 1972's most talked about costume party.

Spend the evening with the A-List crowd as her award winning chef cooks up a fabulous dinner for all to enjoy. To help loosen things up our gracious host is also offering a 4-hr open bar. Dance and sing the night away, maybe you will even get to sit in her authentic Electric Chair, and then spend the night in a deluxe room on premise.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning as our host will commemorate the party.

Audience Participation A few lucky members of the audience will be asked to join the cast. Be prepared for the Director to ask for volunteers.

Be Part of the Mystery Our cast of professional actors will walk amongst the audience during the performance and may also be asked questions.