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Harken | Plot

Welcome to Harken"Harken!" onto a new and magical world unlike anything that you have ever seen on stage before!

Enchantment and fantasy converge with a completely new way to interact with live entertainment. Combining CGI, gamification, and the latest digital projection technology you will be immersed in a fantastic universe that will leave you wondering what is real and what is not.

Our heroes must fight to survive—Battling dragons, giants and the undead! Featuring stage combat, stunning costumes and heart-pounding original music, this will be an amazing adventure. Like the gnarled trees of a spooky forest, the branching plot tangles into several endings and you will want to see how this ends!





Audience Participation Almost a dozen lucky members of the audience will be asked to join the cast on stage at some point during the show.

*Android users can vote along with the show using an app