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Art of Murder | Story

Sherlock Holmes on the caseLord Winds, the famous art collector and philanthropist, has died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances!  Found lying dead in his own green house with no visible marks of a wound. The doctors have pronounced it natural causes, but suspicions fly as his only son, a near-do-well musician, has taken control of his estate and is selling everything he can get his hands on!  As if the locals were not outraged at this apparently ghoulish crime enough, a famous family heirloom known as the amethyst gem is also missing. 

The only hope to discover the truth, is the well-known “Detectionist” Sherlock Holmes and his confidant Doctor Watson.  He will have to interview all of the staff at the mansion to uncover the clues, and if the other guests at the auction are astute enough to assist him, they may even win a prize.

Audience Participation A few lucky members of the audience might be asked to join the cast.